When & How to Unswaddle Your Baby


  • Your baby is over the age of 4 months
  • When your baby starts to roll back to tummy then unswaddle immediately
  • Your baby is able to roll over meaning that swaddling becomes unsafe
  • If you feel your baby is wanting to be a bit more free


  • Take a gradual approach to unswaddling
  • Take your time with unswaddling. It can often take from 1-3 weeks to unswaddle your baby.
  • Transitional swaddles or using the one arm out method.
  • The one arm out method- try letting baby sleep with one arm out for a few days. When they cope well with this remove the 2nd arm eventually transition to a sleeping bag.
  • To swaddle with one arm out- wrap the final layer around your babies’ tummy as opposed to their arm.

If you need help with your child’s sleep or have any questions – please contact me