Why sleep training does not equal cry it out.

As a sleep consultant and educator, the most frustrating thing I hear from parents and I see on my newsfeed is that sleep training is harmful to your child and sleep training means cry it out.

Here at Little Z’s, we work with the family first and foremost, implementing strategies and methods that the family feel comfortable with and align with their own beliefs- whether that be in the room settling methods or out of the room methods.

Often on blogs we see people writing about how harmful sleep training is but there is a lack of scientific evidence that sleep training has any psychological or physiological effects on children… self-published blogs may beg to differ but they are self-published meaning they are not evidence based but OPINION based… it is just their own personal opinion. What is more harmful is sleep deprivation.

Teaching healthy sleep habits can result in change and change of habit and with change we can sometimes expect some crying especially as children may not yet be able to verbally communicate with us but you are there to support your child through the way.

Sleep training begins with valuing your child’s need for sleep first and foremost and doing your part to ensure they get the sleep they need as sleep is so crucial to their growth and development.

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