Professional Certified Child Sleep Therapy

I am a qualified educator and a trained and certified baby sleep consultant with over 15 years’ experience in educating and observing infants and toddlers and their routines and sleep habits. I have undertaken a comprehensive study of baby and infant sleep and have worked with many families in Australia and abroad to give their children the gift of sleep. I created Little Z’s from years of seeing and hearing sleep issues with children and from talking to many stressed out and sleep deprived parents desperate for help.

My programs are tailored and specially designed to create a specific routine for your child that promotes healthy sleep habits aligned with your parenting beliefs and style. All children and babies are unique therefore, my methods and approaches reflect this making each and every package specifically suited to your child and family views and environment.

Whether it is a few more Z’s sleep at night or restoring your child’s feeding pattern, Little Z’s can help!

Meet Our Therapist

SCARLET JAHNBachelor of Education | Certified Baby Sleep Consultant
Certified by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists

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What Clients Say About Us

“ I felt confident implementing the plan and saw results within the first few days on my sons catnapping. Thank you”

“ Little Z’s gave us the gift of sleep! Thank you”


Let us know your little one’s sleep problems and we will get back you with some help..